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Lotto: 193
Descrizione: NECKLACE WITH MIT CROSSWISE VISHVAVAJRA Rock crystal, gold and smaragd. Indonesia, Bali, 1970ies from 1975 VISHVAVAJRA 7,9 x 7,9 CM, WHOLE LENGTH CA. 36 CM This very effective jewelry, unusually equipped with the double vajra symbol, comes from the studio of John Hardy*, which was known for the processing of East Asian motifs. The black chain belt holds several tubular decorative elements with gold and small green emeralds and Balinese rock crystal with open work sections and golden ornaments. The vajra is an ancient symbol of the thunder storm god Indra, the ancient god of all gods. In Buddhism, it became a symbol of “indestructibility” of the absolute of the doctrine. The Vajra of this necklace could also be seen as a “cross”. The piece stems from a private collection, the former owner lived at the mentioned time on Bali. * Hardy was a Canadian who settled in Bali. Today the company has its center in Hong Kong.
Prezzo di partenza: 950 €

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        17.-18. Marzo 2016            

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             18. MArzo 2016 


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