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Lotto: 329
Descrizione: MASK WITH THREE HORNS Wood, palm fibres and colours. Africa, Bambara or Bobo Ule, Mali. HEIGHT 63 CM A mask with an elongated shape of face and with three prominently erected horns to helmet, whereas the horn to the forehead is the longest and forms a dominant vertical line together with the nose and the pointed chin to be interrupted only by a pair of narrow eyes. Sensuously smiling and nearly scornful facial expression. Tattooing, remnant of painted colour and a mane falling from the helmet. Traces of wormholes The mask acquired from a collection in 1989 All objects from the collection Dr. Herbert Fux have been acquired by himself from the 1950ies until the 1980ies from various collections. Dr. Herbert Fux had initiated his studies in Arts and Archaeology only a couple of years after World War II, which lead him to a series of educational trips. Previously, he had worked as a restorer for the Austrian Antiquities and Monuments Office. Being an expert for East Asian Arts in particular, he became Scientific Advisor at the Museum for Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna in 1970. Afterwards he constantly pursued his career and was appointed Director of the museum in 1981. A sudden disease forced him to prematurely resign from his office in 1984. In 1978 he organized one of the most renowned exhibitions on “4000 Years East Asian Art” in Krems / Lower Austria, which turned out to be a great success. This exhibition also presented exhibits from the collection of Wilhelm Exner. Many objects of this famous Austrian collection later were among the sales offer of our also Gallery (in this catalogue lot no. 75) Previously, in 1974 Dr. Fux dedicatedly curated exhibitions on “Archaeological Discoveries in Peoples Republic of China” (1974) and on “Chinese Painting” (1976), which lead to an increasing interest in Asian Art on the Viennese local market. Naturally the Gallery Zacke was also involved and is often mentioned in the records of his collection. As a private collector Dr. Herbert Fux always was open-minded and curious to manifold fields of arts, namely the Asian Arts. His wife wrote to us that “…he was a dedicated scientist and was particularly devoted to China and Japan…”. Hofrat Dr. Herbert Fux lived until 2011. Lot 1 - 60 offer a choice of art objects from the former collection of Dr. Herbert Fux. Parts of his accurate records on his objects have been integrated in our descriptions, namely of the African field, that is rather not represented by Gallery Zacke. A copy of the original descrition by Dr. Fux will be handed over to the buyer on request.
Prezzo di partenza: 150 €

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