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Lotto: 217
Descrizione: BUDDHA SEATED UNDER THE SHIELD OF ASEVEN-HEADED NAGA Sandstone. Ancient Kingdom of Khmer, Bayon Period, 12th/13th century HEIGHT (WITHOUT BASE) 67 CM A sandstone sculpture despicting a motive, which is common in Ceylon or Southeastern Asia and above all became famous through the sculptural art of the Ancient Khmer. Gautama Buddha seated in Paryankasana beneath the shield of a Naga and with hands in Dhyana Mudra (meditation) on the twisted snake-body. Very powerfully crafted body of the sculpture and resting in itself, which also applies to head face. The head with curly hair and a conical Ushnisha in shape of a lotus bud. Very impressive execution of the characterful face offering a meditative and introverted expression. Buddha’s head topped of the large-sized Naga head (the present one depicting Muchalinda / Mucilinda the King of all Naga, who protected Buddha from a strong tropical downpour at the moment of his enlightenment). To reverse of snake shield an expressively crafted scaled structure and one Cakra-symbol. Traces of lacquer, remnants of former colour, weathering due to age, good condition. Mounted on a black base.
Prezzo di partenza: 5000 €

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        17.-18. Marzo 2016            

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             18. MArzo 2016 


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