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Asta n°: 114
Lotto: 4
Data inizio asta: 2014-02-09
Data fine asta: 2014-02-09

ORNAMENT WITH CLOUD DRAGON Jade. China, Qing, Kangxi - Qianlong (18th century). Width 7.5 cm A very good piece of work depicting a dragon in the clouds with a curved horn, wing like a quivering lotus leaf and a curled tail. On the reverse the heavenly creature is surrounded by stylized clouds. The soft relief has been finely worked and many of the details delicately stylized with a dash of mannerism. Ex collection of G.H. Ralph von Koenigswald, acquired around 1939 in Beijing

Prezzo di partenza: 2000 €

Galerie Zacke - Edition Zacke
Kohlmarkt 7, Stiege 3/1. Stock
1010 Wien

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        Arte & Antiquariato
        17.-18. Marzo 2016            

       Arte Moderna e Design
             18. MArzo 2016 


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